Meditation & Connection

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Kitsap Hot Yoga , 20714 WA-305 #3c , Poulsbo

Meditation & Connection - Guided Class

Meditation is no longer for those that can easily sit still and quiet their mind for hours on end. Certified Theta Healer, teacher and Spiritual Medium, Rachel Lynn Sebastian, introduces a bran new technique that transcends the age old belief that “it is what it is” in a highly active meditative process (for those with highly active minds)! Experience anxiety, body aches and sadness simply evaporate into the ethers via Transcendent Release.

The class is one-part guided mediation, one-part connection and one-part spiritual teaching.

Shift belief systems that no longer serve you, calm anxiety or utilize this practice to manifest your most passionate desires. The class is guided and there will be a 10-minute window (after class) to receive additional coaching.

This is an ongoing practice that one must learn and regularly engage in (in class or at home) to assure mastery and the best results.

This class is INCLUDED with your Unlimited Membership, as part of your Class Packages or simply drop-in for a one-time $16 fee