KHY Freestyle Dance Social- Heated @ Kitsap Hot Yoga - Final Bow!

Kitsap Hot Yoga , 20714 WA-305 #3c , Poulsbo

KHY Freestyle Dance Social - Heated - Final Bow! Rachel will be saving her weekends from now on for traveling. Come and celebrate the "final bow" by boogying to the Dirty Dancing soundtrack!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to boogie with your yoga-mat-neighbors? Or, wondered what there was to do that was creative, and full of cardio and spirit in the rain on a Sunday!?

Wonder no more. Certified Theta Healer, International Recording Artist and Entertainer, Rachel Lynn Sebastian, has put together the perfect DJ mix for 1 hour and 15 minutes of “take your socks off” heated-dance bliss! Sebastian has led free-form dance classes across the world in Asia including Salsa, Freestyle Club-Dancing and Theatrical Dance. This class will begin with an energizing group intention and will be guided by Sebastian from start to finish. Activities will range from learn-as-we-go stylistic dance coaching, Soul Train lines, movement stretching and shamanic dance to movement-only role playing and freestyle dance breaks. The environment is uplifting, encouraging, non-judgmental, energizing, silly, loving, safe, passionate and fun! It is meant for dancers of all levels (ESPECIALLY beginners). This is a “no-contact” class (where your personal space will be respected at all times).

The intention is for your body to feel GOOD, your spirit to feel HIGH and your heart to feel FULL. You can take a rest or exit the heat in any moment. Come in yoga clothes or light dance clothing - and get ready to sweat! The heat is ON and your yoga community is excited to get to know your face!

This class is INCLUDED with your Unlimited Membership, as part of your Class Packages or simply drop-in for a one-time $16 fee.