Whidbey Island Women's Retreat

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Whidbey Island Women's Retreat

May 25-28

Join me for a guided "stepping away" from everyday life and puting that thing called "healing" on the calendar this May. We will be going deep, deeper and deeper still. To the point where "everyday life" CANNOT feel the same.

♥ Realize the underlying beliefs that have been haunting your experience of life.

♥ Learn to be with and transmute every uncomfortable part of you.

♥ Be safely guided into how to be a vulnerable woman again.

This retreat will transform your relationship with YOU - and therefor every other relationship in your life MUST follow suit. We will laugh, cry and play together. Memories will be created in this sanctuary that will not want to be forgotten and therefor cannot be. Powerful. Transformative. Nurturing. Rejuvenating.